Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi Hotspot Installation

We have installed more then 500+ wi-fi hotspot system in Village & City. We are still working in 2 State.

Solar System Installation

Wi-Fi Network Design

We design wi-fi network for the school, college, city, village, hospital, home and office. We design wifi network in a such way so that user can get fast response.

Solar Street Lamp Installation

Support & Maintenance

We have not only installed wi-fi equipment but also provide the support and maintenance service . We are giving support in all over India.

Solar Support & Maintenance
Wiconnect Network

Wiconnect inspired from the vision of Digital India and to become part in the growth of the country. Providing Telecom, Solar, IT  & Wi-Fi services  to make it viable up to every household in cities and rural.

We are a group of professionals specifically Engineering Graduates in Telecom Engineering and Electrical Engineering. A dedicated IT team is working as support for technical support and real time documentation. Experienced engineers & diploma holders are involved in installation and survey work all over india.

Contact Information

Wiconnect Network Pvt. Ltd.
Address: HN-171, Flat No-2, Second Floor, Sultanpur, Delhi-110030 India
Phone: +91- 7290914900
Email: info@wiconnectnetwork.com