our objective

Our Objectives

To own, promote & establish Companies, Funds, Associations or Partnerships for Manufacturing of Electronics equipment, solar power equipment, solar panel, circuit controller, components, solar light source, Light Emitting Diodes, LED Bulbs, solar equipment, solid state batteries, Lead acid batteries, Smart Phones, Telecom equipment, Information Technologies equipment, and providing telecom networks, telecommunication services, internet services, content services, content delivery services, e-Commerce Platform, e-Commerce Services for all permissible products, entertainment, entertainment platform, Software and Application Software, App, Cloud Computing Platform, Cable TV Operation Network, e-content delivery network , e-education, e- health, consultancy and / or to run and maintain telecom unified licensed services like basic / fixed line services, cellular / mobile, Wi-Fi, radio, Copper cable, Optical Fiber Cable Network services , Voice over Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol Television, paging, videotext, voice mail and data systems, private switching network services, transmission network of all types, computer networks i.e. local area network, wide area network, Electronic Mail, Intelligent network. Multimedia communication systems or the combinations thereof and for execution of undertakings. Works, projects or enterprises in the Industry whether of a private or public character or any joint venture


1To do all such things which are incidental or ancillary to the attainment of main business of the company.

2To enter into partnership in to any arrangement for sharing profits or losses or any union of interest. Joint venture, reciprocal concession or co-operation, with any person or persons of company or companies carrying on or engaged in any business or transaction which the Company is authorised to carry on.

3To acquire and take over either the whole or any part of the business, goodwill, trade, patents and property, assets and liabilities of any person or persons, firm or corporation, carrying on any business, which the Company is authorized to carry on.


4To establish branches and agencies of the Company in India and elsewhere and to discontinue the same whenever necessary.

5To pay for any property or rights acquired by the Company either in cash, or fully or partly paid shares or by the issue of the securities or partly in one mode or partly in another, and generally, on such terms as may be determined.

6To amalgamate with any other Company having objects altogether or in part, similar to those of this Company.


7To advance, deposit or lend money with or without securities, to such persons and on such terms and as may be expedient and to discount, buy, sell and deal in bills, notes, warrants, coupons and other negotiable or transferable securities or documents.

8Subject to the provisions of Section 58A of the Companies Act, 1956 and the directives issued by the Reserve Bank of India to borrow, raise or secure the payments of money or to receive money and deposit as time deposit or otherwise on interest or otherwise.

9To carry on the business of advertising contractors and agents to acquire and dispose of advertising time, space or opportunities in any media to undertake advertising and promotional campaigns of every nature and to acquire and provide promotional requisites.


10To carry on the trade or business of telephone, telegraph, cable satellite and other communications Company and to build, install, establish, work, manage, sell, hire out and maintain telephone exchanges, cable communications, telegraph offices, telex and any other systems of communications and offices and facilities therefore.

11To plant, grow, cultivate, produce, export, Import, trade and deal In cotton, oil seeds, cereals, grass, agricultural produce and food products and to carry on the business of planters, cultivators, buyers of every kind of agricultural, vegetable, mineral or other produce of the soil, to prepare, manufacture and render marketable any such produce and to sell, dispose of and deal In any such produce either In its prepared, manufactured or raw state and either wholesale or retail.

12To acquire any shares, stocks, debentures, debentures stock, bonds, notes, obligations or securities by original subscription, contract, participation in syndicates, tender, purchase, exchange or otherwise and whether or not fully paid up and to subscribe for the same, subject to such terms and conditions, if any, as may be thought fit.


13To carry on all or any of the business of manufacturers of and sellers of and dealers and workers in cements of all kinds, concrete, asbestos, gypsum, coal, jute, hessian, cloth, gunny bags, paper bags, lime plasters, whitening clay, bauxite, soap stone, ochres, paints, fixing materials, gravel, sand, bricks, tiles, pipes, (pottery, earthenware), artificial stone, and manufacturers, builders and dyers requisite and conveniences.

14To carry on business as manufacturers of chemicals and manures, distillers, dye- makers, gas makers, smelters, metallurgists and chemical engineers and carriers by land, air or sea, wharfingers, warehousemen, planters, farmers, brickmakers, timber merchants, saw mill proprietors and timber growers and to buy, sell, grow prepare for the market, manipulate, Improve, export, and deal In articles of all kinds in the manufacture of which timber wood or fibre Is used and to buy, clear, plant and work timber estates.

15To buy, sell, import, export, manufacture, manipulate, treat, prepare and deal in merchandise, commodities and articles of all kinds and generally to carry on business as merchants, Importers, exporters, Industrialists, manufacturers, financiers, contractors, mine owners, mercantile agents, commission agents and mukadams and also to deal in forward as well as ready goods.


16To undertake and carry on any business, transactions or operations commonly undertaken or carried on by financiers, promoters of companies, underwriters, capitalists or merchants and in particular to underwrite Issues and place shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, debenture-stocks or securities.

17To carry on business of manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters, assemblers, factors, builders, hirers, lessors, representatives, agents and repairers of all kinds of mass communication, industrial training, education and entertainment systems, equipments, machinery, apparatus, accessories, component and spare parts of all descriptions and to carry on business of electrical, electronic, optical, cinematographic, audio, visual engineers, electricians, wiring contractors, manufacturers and other apparatus, mechanical and chemical engineers, Importers, exporters, dealers in audio, video, cinematographic and electronic goods of every description.

18To acquire and hold one or more memberships In stock / security exchanges, trade associations, commodity exchanges, clearing houses or associations or otherwise In India or any part of the world, to secure membership privileges therefrom and to acquire and hold membership In any association of bankers, merchant bankers, Insurance companies, brokers, security dealers, or commodity dealers or any other association, membership of which will or is likely In any way to facilitate the conduct of the Company’s business.


19To act as Managers to public Issues of other companies, to act as an Investment Advisors, Financial Advisors to individuals or companies or give advice on portfolio management to corporations, companies or Individuals for the attainment of the main objects.

20To organize information cell and data bank relating to Industrial, agricultural and other economic activities and to provide Information for the development of industries to entrepreneurs.

21To carry on business of recruiting agents, personnel selection, personnel advisers, consultants or agents.

Wiconnect Network

Wiconnect inspired from the vision of Digital India and to become part in the growth of the country. Providing Telecom, Solar, IT  & Wi-Fi services  to make it viable up to every household in cities and rural.

Wiconnect also provide ONT, OLT & OFC products on low rate in all over india.

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Wiconnect Network Pvt. Ltd.
Address: HN-171, Flat No-2, Second Floor, Sultanpur, Delhi-110030 India
Phone: +91- 7290914900
Email: info@wiconnectnetwork.com